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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do with Geek Divers?

Very good question! We recently wrote a blog post with the answer here.

I have package prices and special offers. How can I do it in Geek Divers?

No worries, the Geek Divers price list is very flexible. You have several options to set up your package prices and we’ll help you with that.

Will you manage my customers payments?

Geek Divers will automatically generate and update your customers bills. You can record their payments there (date, payment method, currency, amount...etc.). Geek Divers does not handle payments on your behalf.

I have a very complicated way of calculating commissions for my staff. How can I do it in Geek Divers?

Geek Divers supports more than 500 different combinations of commissions and it does it automatically for you! You just need to set up the logic (with our support obviously) and you will see the payslips updated automatically every day.

Without pen and paper or spreadsheets how do I know how much does a diver need to pay?

Geek Divers calculates your customers bills automatically. You’re in charge of planning the daily activities in your dive center, the rest will be taken care of by Geek Divers.

When I plan an activity, e.g. a boat trip with 2 dives, I don’t know which dive site I will go to because it depends on the weather conditions. How do I do it?

No worries. When you set up a Trip in Geek Divers you need to choose at least one of your dive sites. Choose the most probable and you can always change it as long as the Trip is not closed.

I made a mistake. Can I go back and change it?

In most cases Geek Divers allows you to go back and change your selection, the customers/staff members that you add to an activity, the payments, discounts...etc. If the bills, the activities, the payslips or the invoices are still open you will see how easy it is to correct a mistake! In case they are closed and no longer editable, there’s always another way to make a change! We’re available via email or WhatsApp to suggest the easiest way to fix the issue.

Is there a way to save time when the dive center is full of people and I need to get everybody’s data?

Yes! You can use the Geek Divers Online Registration form. You give your customers a tablet or you share the link or QR code with them, they fill out the form and you’ll see them popping up in Geek Divers in your list of customers.

Can I manage my reservations in Geek Divers?

Yes! You can prepare quotes, modify and confirm them or cancel them if they are no longer needed. Confirmed reservations will show up in your Activity calendar and can be applied as vouchers to your customers bills."

Is Geek Divers GDPR-compliant?

Yes! And we can help you make your business GDPR-compliant too. Read more here.

I work with travel agencies and local agents: can I do it on Geek Divers as well?

Yes! You will see a menu called Partners where you can enter your agents, their commissions and price lists. Their invoices or credit notes will be automatically generated and calculated.

Where can I see how much money I’m making and spending?

In Cash Flow. Here you’ll see every bill, payslip and invoice payment, you can manually enter your expenses and monitor the content of each of your cost centers. Starting from version 2.0, you will also find a Profit & Loss comparison report in menu Reporting.

Can I have weekly reports?

You can run your reports any time! You can set up your financial reports, save them and run them whenever you like.

Is there a POS (Point of Sale)?

No, not yet. A basic POS module is on our "to do" list. Please feel free to send us your suggestions about what you absolutely need to have for your retail management.

Is Geek Divers available in other languages?

Geek Divers is only available in English.

Is there a booking form?

We're working on it!

Daily usage

Is Geek Divers easy to use?

Yes, absolutely! If you know how to Google, you’ll definitely find your way around Geek Divers. There’s a self-explanatory menu on the left and every page is designed to make your life easier. A user guide is one click away and in case you don’t remember how to do this or that you can always send us a message.

How many people can use Geek Divers?

Geek Divers comes with an administrator account, typically assigned to the owner or the dive center manager. This admin user can create as many users (=logins) as needed. Every username must be a valid email address and it can be customised according to the role of the employee. E.g. the front office employee might not be allowed to view salaries or expenses.

What happens in case there’s no internet connection?

Geek Divers is an online service. Unfortunately no internet means no Geek Divers. However a little pop-up message will inform you that you are temporarily offline. As soon as the internet connection is available again, Geek Divers will resume the regular operations without logging you out. In case of expected long Wi-Fi downtimes, it is recommended to have a backup sim card with data connection to use as temporary hotspot. Geek Divers requires only a basic Wi-Fi speed and it can be used on remote islands. If you're concerned about specific data that you might need during a power outage, there's a lot that you can export from your Geek Divers account. Look for Print and Export buttons throughout the application.

Does Geek Divers work on a phone?

Yes! Geek Divers works on any device with Google Chrome. It is recommended to use at least a 7” screen to enjoy a more user-friendly experience, but for quick checks a phone will do.

Can I have a test account to play around a bit?

Yes, of course! We can set up a login on our Geek Divers Demo account. To do so we need a valid email address and a name. As the demo account can be accessed by several different people, it is not recommended to enter any personal information.

What if I need help setting up my price list, the commissions for my staff members, my rental equipment...etc.?

That’s what the Geek Divers support is for! The Geek Divers team will help with all the initial settings even during the first free month. In case you would like to receive support on site, please contact the Geek Divers team directly at info@geekdivers.com.

Ok, I’m in. What’s the next step?

Welcome to the Geek Divers world! Use the contact form on our website to get in touch and we'll explain everything you need to know.

Costs and terms of service

How much does Geek Divers cost?

Geek Divers is a service available to dive centers that pay a monthly fee in advance. The monthly fee is due by the last day of the month (midnight GMT) and it covers the following calendar month. The monthly fee depends on the dive center price list and it is equivalent to the price of two fun dives for a walk-in customer (no discount). This pricing model is applied per dive center (location). In case your business comprises of more dive centers we apply special discounts. Please get in touch with us to get your personalised quote info@geekdivers.com.

Is there a discount?

Yes! For 6 or 12 months paid in advance we apply a 10% and 20% discount respectively (only on the Geek Divers monthly fee). Due to high online transaction fees, these discounts apply only for direct transfers in Euro. PayPal payments are subjected to an extra 6% fee and invoices in USD, GBP or AUD are subjected to a 3% currency conversion fee.

When is the first payment due?

We always offer a free trial period. Before the end of it, please let us know if you wish to continue using the service. In that case we will need your company information (name, address and tax number) for your invoice.

Which payment methods are available to pay the Geek Divers monthly fee?

At the moment you can pay by direct transfer or via PayPal. There's no extra fee for direct transfers, providing that you bear the transaction costs, if any. Due to the high fees applied by PayPal, we need to add a 6% payment fee in case you choose this payment method. Invoices will be issued in EUR. In case you wish to pay in a different currency, we currently offer invoices in USD, GBP or AUD on request. A 3% currency exchange fee will be applied.

Is there a licence or a contract?

No, Geek Divers is not a product, but a service. You can choose to stop using the service at any time. We would be grateful to receive at least 2 weeks notice via email. Whenever you login you just need to accept our
Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

Is my data safe?

Yes! Your data is stored on our servers in Europe. Only 2 people have direct access to these servers and they are both part of the Geek Divers team. We take care of your data and protect it against breaches. We back it up daily, make sure that no one without the right to do so can access it and perform regular maintenance to the servers so that they are always available and performant. For support and maintenance reasons we are allowed to login to your account, but legally we are not allowed to use or disclose any of your data, unless we receive a warrant from the authorities. In case you request our support and if in order to help you we need to modify your data, we need your explicit written consent (via email it’s fine). We don’t know your password and we strongly recommend not to share your login and password with other people, even if you trust them. You can set up additional users to access your account at no extra charge and we invite you to do so. For all the logins that you create you can also revoke or suspend the access if you wish to do so. Your data is on the cloud and for this reason it’s much safer than saving it on your computer only. If your computer is broken or stolen you can simply access your Geek Divers account from another device. Clearly you are responsible for the safety of your devices that should be password-protected and never left unattended with an open session of Geek Divers.

Is there a refund for the days/months that haven’t been used?

No, there’s no refund. The account remains available until the last paid day (midnight GMT) and after that it is deactivated (no login is possible). The account is maintained on Geek Divers servers for 30 days and then deleted. If you wish to request your customers data, you can do so within 30 days from the last paid day and we will send you a file containing all your customers.

For seasonal dive centers is there a chance to freeze the account during closing time?

You can request to freeze your account any time before the end of the calendar month. The frozen period will start with the first day of the following month. Freezing your account means that no one can log in to it. We will maintain your setup and data and when you request to reactivate it, you will find it as you've left it. Freezing your account has a small monthly fee to cover for the maintenance costs. Please check our website for any special offer.

Is there any extra cost?

No. Your monthly fee already includes everything that you need.

I have more than one dive center. Can I see all of them in one account?

Yes. Every additional location under the same Geek Divers account, will receive a discount on the full monthly fee. E.g. Bubbles Divers (fictional name) has 3 dive centers in Thailand (headquarter), Malaysia and Indonesia. If the dive centers in Malaysia and Indonesia are added as additional locations to the main Thai account, their monthly fee will be subjected to a very good discount. Prices can be discussed with the dive center owner or manager.

I run a dive resort. Can I manage the rooms in Geek Divers?

Yes, that's what the Accommodation module is for! Please schedule a live demo or request a free user to access the Geek Divers Demo account and check out what Geek Divers can do for you.

About us

Who is behind Geek Divers?

Geek Divers was born from the idea of ditching pen and paper and complicated spreadsheets. Francesca and Jörg first thought of how to help dive centers be in control of their data in 2015 during a holiday in the Maldives. Both Francesca and Jörg have 10+ years of experience in the corporate IT world and are both PADI OWSI. Together they founded Geek Techware UG, a software company, in February 2017 in Germany.

Why should I choose Geek Divers for my business?

Because we listen to you! If you think that something is missing or can be improved we want to hear your feedback! Most of the features that you currently see in Geek Divers are the results of our customers talking to us.

How can I be a Geek Divers Ambassador?

You can send us a message at info@geekdivers.com. Please consider that you need to be fluent in English, be a certified diver (any agency and any level) and currently be in a place with a high number of dive centers. Any additional language is a plus.

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